Officer saves man’s life after incident on Byker Bridge


A response officer located in Newcastle has saved a man’s life after a suicide attempt on Byker Bridge last Tuesday.

At around 6.30pm, May 3, police were receiving several reports of concern as a man was seen on the opposite side of the railings on Byker Bridge.

Police officer, PC Marcello Rocha, was the first on the scene; he saw the man in distress and went to his aid.

PC Rocha spoke to the man and attempted to coerce him back to the other side.

After a while, the man abandoned reason and made a leap from the bridge.

Using his natural instincts and quick thinking, the officer grabbed the man as he jumped from the bridge and pulled him back to safety.

He was promptly checked over at Byker Police Station before he was taken back to his home where he was advised medical support.

Rocha has commented: “He was very upset and had lots going on in his life.

“When I attended, my priority was to speak to the man and ensure he stayed calm. I tried to persuade him to climb back over onto the safe side of the bridge but when he went to jump I just acted on my instincts and managed to grab hold of him”.

Superintendent Richard Jackson said: “If it had not been for the quick and brave actions of PC Rocha then the man would have fallen from the bridge. The role of every police officer is to protect the public and Marcello’s response when faced with this extremely difficult and sensitive situation exemplifies everything that is good about our officers. The force is extremely proud of what he has done and he should be too”.

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