Newcastle celebrates the Queen’s 90th birthday

A small occasion was prepared to honour the Queen’s anniversary, as she celebrates her 90th birthday and becomes the longest reigning monarch in history.

Everyone, who is living in Newcastle, was invited to join the celebration in the City Centre, outside the Civic Centre at 7pm.

One of the biggest cities in the North East held this thirty-minute event which was opened with welcoming reading by the Lord Mayor Ian Graham.

He was followed by the Deputy Lord Lieutenant and Major Eric Ingram, who was reading a birthday message issued by HRH The Prince of Wales.

The Band of The Royal Regiment of Fusiliers and the Civic Centre Choir filled the event with music. The visitors were invited to sing the “Happy Birthday song” along the orchestra playing.

At the end of this programme was fired a beacon to honour the Queen’s birthday and to close the programme successfully.

Lord Mayor said: “We now have the longest reigning monarch in the world. Her reign has lasted more than any other recorded monarchy on the earth so it is obviously some pride that we would want to celebrate such an event.”

A series of beacons were being lit that day, on April 21, across the UK. The first beacon was lit at 7pm at Windsor.

In the North East held an event all bigger cities, including Sunderland, Middlesbrough and Hartlepool.

Words by: Michaela Skalska

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