“Cut gas bills,” say Sunderland people about British Gas after profits increase


Picture by: Steve Parsons/PA Wire/Press Association Images.
Picture by: Steve Parsons/PA Wire/Press Association Images.

Sunderland people have had their say about British Gas cutting bills in the light of big profits.

British Gas’ residential profits have increased to £574m – up from £439m last year.

Meanwhile, the energy provider has slashed customers’ bills by 5.1 per cent, the third decrease in a year.

However, British Gas has been accused of not passing on enough of their profits to customers.

Richard Lloyd, executive director of consumer group Which?, said: “Customers will be asking why energy suppliers have only cut their gas prices by such a paltry amount.”

Many people in Sunderland were similarly sceptical of British Gas’ price cuts in the light of these results:

Tim Turnbury, 51, a teacher and a councillor, said: “They’re not [passing on the savings], but that’s big business. We don’t have much control over them”.

Lillian Turnbull, 78, retired, said: “No, no, not nearly enough”.

Layla Murray, 22, a call centre worker, said: “I think it’s good they’ve lowered the prices. A lot of people will benefit.”

The results have been good news for parent company Centrica, who recorded a 5 per cent drop in profits over the same period.

But the company has denied that it is overcharging customers, blaming fluctuations in the price of oil for the prices.

Iain Conn, chief executive of Centrica, said: “We absolutely have passed on the low costs of commodity prices as they fell to our customers.”

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