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The baby boom that never arrived

The baby boom that never arrived

Latest research suggests less babies are being born during the pandemic. So, is it the right time to get pregnant? Image by Ashleigh Nicolson via Instagram We are currently in the midst of Generation Z, surrounded by the 2000 babies making us feel even older than we are. Before long, […]

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The unseen damage of the Covid-19 pandemic – students have their say

An investigation into the effect of Covid-19, lockdowns and recession on in-person work placements – and job prospects – for graduates.  There have been many changes to all aspects of people’s daily lives since the start of the Covid pandemic. We spoke to three students from the University of Sunderland who have had placements cancelled and have otherwise struggled.   ‘The […]

Principal Lecturer Karen Giles and Ashley Murphy

Call for hearing tests during health checks in adults with learning disabilities

ANNUAL health checks for people with learning disabilities should include objective hearing assessment, health experts say. Current guidance on hearing assessment during an annual health check focusses on subjective assessment only, which previous research has shown to be ineffective. Alternatives, such as objective hearing screening have been recommended. Researchers at […]