Sunderland café give their three top tips to making your pancakes delish

LOCAL business shares their wisdom on how to make the perfect pancake ahead of Shrove Tuesday tomorrow.

SHROVE Tuesday, otherwise known as Pancake Day, is just around the corner, which not only marks the start of Lent, but also the yearly revival of the sweet vs savoury pancake debate.

If you’re anything like me then the rule that the first pancake is always a dud doesn’t apply to you… because it seems that every attempt either inevitably ends up in the dog’s tummy or (if you are lucky enough to even get to the point of flipping) on the floor.

Since we don’t think anyone can handle anymore disappointment this year, we’ve spoken to the pancake experts at YOLO Café and Kitchen at STACK Seaburn to help make sure that you live up to the feast day origins of Pancake Day.

YOLO offered up their three top tips for making the perfect pancake…

  1. “Separate your egg yolks from your whites for a fluffier consistency”
  2. “Add a little vanilla essence to your batter for a sweet touch”
  3. “Cook on a medium heat, cooking too low will result in tough pancakes”


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Once you’ve got the foundations down its time to start experimenting with the toppings. YOLO Café & Kitchen told us their fool proof method to getting just the right mix of flavours. “We trial and test a range of flavour combos, but always find that our American style pancakes taste great with a generous serving of chocolate sauce and topped off with a sweet crunch, biscoff crumb, crunchie bar or strawberries!”

But even some toppings that are off limits to these pancake connoisseurs’: “Some people love fresh fruit on their pancakes, others prefer a more savoury finish of bacon and maple. However, we would never mix the two together.”

Like everything this year, Pancake Day is a little bit different. YOLO shared how they have had to adapt to the current circumstances: “We are currently operating a reduced, takeout menu at YOLO Café & Kitchen. For Pancake Day it was decided that we would serve our three most popular flavours for one day only.” And their secret ingredient that makes their pancakes so special: “we finish each batch off with fresh Chantilly cream!”

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