North East MP hits out on government’s new coronavirus poster

RECENT “Stay Home, Save Lives” poster has been withdrawn due to the backlash for its portrayal of women

The recent photo that was withdrawn by the Government as it does not reflect their views – CREDIT: HM Government/Twitter/PA Wire

WE have had many “Stay home, Save Lives” posters due to the lockdowns we have had. However, the most recent one has received the most backlash from women and even local MP’s due to their sexual depiction of women within the poster. 

Bridget Phillipson, a Labour MP for Houghton and Sunderland South tweeted “… Here comes the Government graphic that puts women back in their place. How out of touch can this Government get?”. This got many responses and most people agreed with her statement.

The image shows a woman reclining into a man’s arm’s and then women cleaning and looking after children. People were quick to criticise it as it goes back to the 1950s ideology of women but also how they have missed the significant role that father’s play during lockdown too. 

Furthermore, Sheila Quaid, a senior lecturer and expert in Sociology and Gender at the University of Sunderland, said: “I’m glad they took it down but would be even more pleased if they would actually listen to the social change on the ground before investing in these things.”.  

Isabel Watts, Sheila Quaid’s student, said: “it looks as if the government has perpetuated a binary and gendered narrative that says mothers looks after homes and children and fathers are present for leisure”. 

Julie Egan, another one of Sheila Quaid’s student said: “The lack of awareness is mind-boggling. For a government who makes a fuss over having more women in the House of Commons than ever, they seem to have no issues with perpetuating stereotypes of a woman’s role being in the home”.

There was a huge backlash towards this poster which meant the Government withdrew it. The spokesperson for Boris Johnson said “[the ad] does not reflect our view on women and we have removed it”.

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