‘Low skilled’ workers around the EU may not meet the requirements of a “points-based” visa system proposed by the government

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New immigration plans set to be put in place could result in sectors struggling to recruit staff according to those in the industries.

The stated post-Brexit Immigration plans aim to encourage employers to invest in retaining staff and to develop automation technology.

Many representatives from sectors like nursing, farming and catering are concerned that under this system it will be hard to recruit staff, as many applicants will not be able to receive the points needed.

The skilled workers, under the new plan, will be those who are educated to A-level/Scottish Highers standard, and not just GCSE level. So far, EU citizens could reside in the UK without needing to show proof of this right in order to be able to apply for jobs or to use public services. After the free movement ends of 31 December, the conditions for coming and working in the UK will change. 

The PR Manager of the North East Chamber of Commerce, Kay Wilson said“With more businesses requiring sponsorship there’s added cost and complexity, and the time frame to apply for sponsorship raises concerns for whether the system will be ready by January 2021 to accommodate the volume of applications.  No regional salary threshold could have a disproportionate adverse effect on the North East and the lack of a low skilled – even temporary – route leaves little time for businesses to adapt.”

This decision from the government will affect the lives of many people who are trying to come to UK and work for a good salary because their countries may not give them this opportunity. People directly affected by these decisions believe that the new system will “discourage the migration of people from the other countries.”  

Asked for her opinion, Bianca Brisan, a Romanian staff member of the Student’s Union at the University of Sunderland said: “As a foreign person currently working in the UK, I think the point based visa system will affect people from my country massively. To start with, should I had to, I would not meet these requirements today, as although I work in Higher Education, I am at the beginning of my career and still shy of the salary threshold.  

I believe the point visa system is very dangerous, as it promotes the idea that some education routes and jobs are more important and valuable than others” She added. “This is a message that can have a very important effect on social cohesion It also promotes the idea that national economic goals are more important than all other interests. 

The foreign citizens who wish to work in the UK will have to reach 70 points. The requirements are speaking English, having the job offer at an appropriate skill level and having the relevant PhD in a STEM (science, technology, engineering or maths) subject.  

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