Summer-Like Weather During COVID-19 Lockdown

In the north-east, the sun has been shining, people have been getting their drinks and suncream out but it’s going to rain when we leave the house, isn’t it?

Back in March, weather forecasters had predicted it would be the ‘hottest ever’ spring with temperatures going up to 24 degrees Celcius. 

It’s only April and it has felt like May or June. Residents of the north-east have laced themselves with tanning oils and suncream, in their gardens thanks to the recent hot weather. All this with the mindset that they should get their tans now that they may not be able to get on holiday, if the lockdown is extended further into the year.

It is a shame we cannot enjoy the weather to its fullest extent, we would have loved to enjoy days out at the beach, walks through The Rising Sun or enjoying a pint of coca-cola in a pub’s beer garden.

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In a time where everything seems doom and gloom, there is a silver lining to this situation.
We have a once in a lifetime chance to do nothing but binge-watch the new Disney+, finally finish that book you’ve been putting off for months or spend more quality time with your household.

That is unless you’re considered to be a ‘key worker.’

However, our beloved British weather will ultimately let us down once this lockdown, eventually, lifts won’t it?

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Let’s be honest, we all crack jokes about the dramatic changes in our weather. One day it’s boiling, glorious and pubs are ram-packed with customers, inside and out, and the following day you’re hunkered down in your sitting room watching your street being flooded by torrential downpours.

Remember that day in 2012, ‘Thunder Thursday?’ where high school proms were being cancelled and the Tyne Bridge was struck with lightning strikes.

I’ll admit, I have enjoyed my time out in the sun, granted I forgot to rotate…

But, knowing our weather, it’ll be non-stop rain for three weeks straight once this lockdown is lifted – hopefully – on May 7.

Like most people, sick of looking at the same four walls every single day for the past four weeks, we are hoping to get out and about in the beautiful summer weather before autumn arrives.

Lastly, from SR News, stay safe and stay home – if you can.

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