Comfort-eating during COVID-19 lockdown

We’ve all been there in different circumstances, comfort-eating could be your way of dealing with grief or a heartbreak but during this lockdown, it’s mostly because we are bored.

This lockdown has made many people to do a series of different things like in the United States of America where some citizens are protesting against their lockdown measures – stating it’s a breach of their freedom. 

However, back across the pond, people are exercising in their homes, buying drinks they would never have thought about trying and some people are just comfort-eating to pass the time.

I’ll have to admit, I am guilty of two of those examples – not the exercising one.

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With cinemas being closed across the UK, we can’t go to the pictures to watch the newest movies, splashing out £20 on a coke and a small tub of popcorn in the process.

Streaming services such as Netflix, Disney+ and Prime Video, provide some of the best alternatives to going to the cinema.

Granted, the majority of the movies or TV Shows you watch on these services are subject to their own ‘original’ franchises like Five Feet Apart (Netflix), The Mandalorian (Disney+) and The Grand Tour (Prime).

But, nothing beats that cinematic feel when you have popcorn, chocolate and fizzy drinks in a dim-lit room watching a great movie.

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Comfort eating feels like one of the big problems in keeping yourself entertained – and sane – during this period where you’re not allowed to leave your house aside from select reasons.

I’ve definitely had moments during this lockdown when I have gone for a walk (for my one form of exercise), diverted to the shops on my way back home and bought some – admittedly, unhealthy – food for my lunch and then ordered a takeaway in the evening because I fancied a pizza.

I guess that’s the benefit of scales, you can ensure that you aren’t letting yourself go too far – even if you are standing on them, covering your eyes.

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On the bright side, you are still able to take part in exercise classes in the comfort of your own home. Fitness YouTuber, The Body Coach, Joe Wicks has daily sessions which allow you to work off that late-night chocolate bar.

Or, if you’re not feeling up to working out an internet lesson, you could always use your one form of exercise, permitted by the Government guidelines.

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