Oh, this schizophrenic silence…

#The CoronaDiaries

Which way will my mood take me in this weird silence of the Covid-19 lockdown?


I WAKE to near-silence. The usual background whoosh and hum of traffic is gone. The tweeting and chirruping of birds is the loudest sound in my world right now.

The sound of nature reasserting itself, if only for this brief time before the Government lets us all free again…

The silence feels at once both ominous (what’s happening out there, what’s next, what’s to become of us all?) and comforting (how wonderful it is, this feeling that the world has slowed down and we’ve suddenly all got room to breathe).

Which quality I run with depends on my mood. Sometimes pessimistic, sometimes upbeat, but they seem closely connected in this peaceful quiet.

The yin and yang of existence. The unnerving or the comforting.

Which way will I take my day today?

At least it’s nice to have the choice.

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