Coronavirus:Sunderland nightclub ‘Independent’ introduce new steps to help “minimise spread” of the illness

Popular Sunderland nightclub and music venue Independent are providing hand sanitiser stations and extra bins in an effort to lower the risk of infection.

The venue, based at Holmeside, posted to their Facebook page this morning a list of steps they are taking to minimise the spread of COVID-19.



These steps include having staff constantly around the venue sanitising hard surfaces such as the bar, handrails and door plates and Independent have advised customers to pay via contactless as much as possible.

Tonight, Independent host their weekly Friday event 21st Century Box.

21st Century Box promoter, Charlotte Lightfoot said:

“I have told my manager that I have a cough and cold, would he like me to still go in? He told me to stay home this week because my health is more important. So, I suppose they are seeing it on a case-by-case basis.”

Charlotte also expressed concerns on going into work in a big gathering, she said:

“I personally do worry a little bit because my job is to walk around speaking to people and some people ask me to check into the event on Facebook for them using their phone, so I do feel a bit uncomfortable however it is still my job to do so.”

The full list of steps Independent are taking are:

– Dedicated staff around the venue constantly sanitising the hard surfaces that you’re most likely to come into contact with (so bear this in mind if you’re waiting at the bar and our staff need to get to the counter top/handrails/push plates/door handles etc)
– Staff given extra instruction in good hygiene practises
– Additional hand cleaning for staff whilst serving
– Installed sanitising stations around the venue, first one is at the front door – so familiarise yourself with their location -and use them.
– Try as much as possible to pay contactless
– Extra bins provided in public areas for customers to dispose of disposable glassware themselves

Student night event organisers PLAY have yet to comment on their upcoming St Patrick’s Day event.

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