Sunderland venue Independent to get a new sound system for local bands

Sunderland nightclub Independent is set to get a new sound system thanks to a National Lottery Arts Council England grant.

Writing club based in the Independent.

The £17,000 sound system is to be installed in the club’s upstairs room, in which local bands play most weeks . There is no definite date for installation, however the owners think it will be in the next few weeks.

The owner of Independent, Ben Wall said: “we’re currently upgrading the infrastructure throughout the venue, but have been for the last three years and probably will be for the next three.”

The club has seen significant improvements since last year with a small bar even being added to the smoking area. This latest addition to the venue will be beneficial to Sunderland’s music scene.

Ben Richardson, a promoter for Independent said; “This sound system along with the lighting system we are working on will allow the local bands to have a professional and high quality stage show this will be installed in our upstairs 130 capacity room.”

They are hoping that this sound system will help them bring bigger and better touring acts to Sunderland, such as the recently announced Paul Smith of Maximo Park.

Oliver Steel and Kieran Taylor of The Escapades from Newcastle who are playing at Independent on Friday the February 21 said: “good lighting and sound will help make a show better and will help the artist, but I don’t think it would have much of an influence when it comes to them reaching a bigger audience.”

Jasper Watson of Post Rome, a band from Sunderland, who are also playing Independent next month said; “If they do it would be an enormous help for anyone that uses that room.” He also added “if they are upgrading that I think it can only be a good thing.”

For more information visit the Independent website.

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