Watch: Call For Businesses To Launch Degree Apprenticeships in Sunderland

Sunderland businesses are being encouraged t0 develop apprenticeship schemes with the University of Sunderland as part of National Apprenticeship Week.

A National Apprenticeship Week event was held at the Reg Vardy Centre on St.Peter’s campus.

Following a series of presentations, the Apprenticeship Week aims to highlight the benefits and opportunities available to those looking for apprenticeship positions. In an attempt to counteract the stereotype apprenticeship positions face in Sunderland, National Apprenticeship Week looks to build momentum for companies offering entry level positions to a whole host of choices.

The organiser of the National Apprenticeship Week event at the University of Sunderland Nigel Pearson looks to: “introduce employers to the wide range of degree apprenticeships that the university currently provide”.

Apprenticeships should be more available for people outside of the 16-18 year old male demographic describes University of Sunderland’s work based learning team member. An interview with Pearson and principle lecturer Steve Blanks highlights other matters that are being addressed surrounding apprenticeships such as, stigmas for age and gender.

Story by Jake Millett and Chloe Vials


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