South Shields YouTubers take the online world by storm

Two South Shields YouTube sensations have spoken about taking the online world by storm.

Fortnite player Merl has more than 100,000 subscribers while Josh Kapranos has more than 10,000 regular followers of his stunt themed challenges and tutorials.

Merl’s videos provide a deep insight into Fortnite, with leaks on upcoming in-game content, daily news and general gameplay.

He said: “After about a month of uploading I had managed to score 5000 subscribers playing Fortnite, as well as surpassing over 1 million views on my videos in just under 2 weeks. A year on I hit 100,000 subscribers which was amazing.

“My goals for the future are to start streaming gameplay, keep a steady view ratio of around 15k for each video and by the end of 2020 I aim to reach the 250,000 subscriber mark.”

Josh Kapranos is known by his fans for having a very inventive approach and his videos range from some insane challenges and stunts, to tutorials and more.

He said “Hitting 10k subscribers was strange. Unlike hitting 6, 7, 8k etc 10 is a unique number – the first of 5 digits! It meant a lot to me as it showed how many people are enjoying my content.”

“My videos vary in what the content is as some of it is often inspiration taken from videos of YouTubers that I enjoy watching myself.”

Josh’s favourite video is his crane climbing video.

He added: “It was something that took a lot of skill and strategic planning. The footage was extremely pleasing as the video went down very well with my viewers.”

“For anyone wanting to start YouTube I would recommend trying to and ignore any deliberate criticism that is thrown your way. Focus more on the positives and the feedback given to you by your viewers.”

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