Johnson’s election campaign set to pay off


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Boris Johnson’s gamble on a snap election looks set to have paid off as the Conservative party win one seat from Labour.

One of the first wins to come through for the Conservatives was Blyth Valley. They also gained Workington from Labour – the party was previously a Labour stronghold with the party holding the season since 1950. This looks to support the outcome of the exit poll results which predicted a Conservative win with of 368 seats and a majority of 86. 

Boris Johnson tweeted after the exit poll: “Thank you to everyone across our great country who voted, who volunteered, who stood as candidates.

“We live in the greatest democracy in the world.” 

If the exit polls prove to be correct, Johnson will return to 10 Downing Street on Friday to resume his goal to “Get Brexit done” by January 31 2020. 

However, a Conservative win could be huge for the Labour party, who look set to lose 52 seats from what they previously held. It is suggested that it could cause leader Jeremy Corbyn to step down after a second general election lose in the row. 

Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell of Labour said the exit poll was “extremely disappointing”.

Shadow international trade secretary Barry Gardiner said it represented a “devastating result for us” and “all the people who were really needing a Labour victory to improve their lives”.

Currently the conservatives have only got five seats, where as labour have ten as of 1:20am. 


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