An interview with Sky Sports Commentator Gary Taphouse

Sky Sports football commentator Gary Taphouse in action

Have you ever wanted to know the ins and outs of working in TV football commentary? Well now’s your chance.

SR News reporter and Broadcast student, Cameron Petrie, chats with Sky Sports football commentator Gary Taphouse, in an exclusive interview for the site. The pair cover various issues, such as when to get excited, when not to get excited, getting the pronunciations correct and talking to the players before matches to get inside knowledge.  Taphouse, who has worked for Sky since 2005, admits player contact has become more difficult in recent years.

Gary also touches on the skills required for commentary, particularly how they differ from typical radio work: for example, with radio, the presenter needs to paint an entire picture; for the TV sports commentator, they only need to add to what’s already there.

Play the link below to hear a quick snippet of the interview.

The full interview will be available from June.

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