Kids make merry at the Washington Wetland Centre’s Puddle Jumping Championship

Over two hundred children from across the North East made their way to the Washington Wetland Centre for some winter fun at the 2019 Puddle Jumping Championship.

The annual event, which ran from February 18-27, 2019, featured various activities such as welly hanging, hurdle crossing and ceramic boot decorating among others.

“Across the weekend and today, we have had hundreds of kids coming in, probably two hundred to three hundred,” said Wetland’s learning manager, Joanne Newbury.

Without no additional cost for the event, visitors only had to pay an entry fee to gain access to all the games and activities organised at the centre.

“This is the first time I’ve been at the Wetland Centre and really enjoyed ourselves so far. Little things like this helps make a child’s day and also contribute to a healthy lifestyle,” said Deborah Nolan, a parent at the event.

“I would definitely bring my kid to the event again next year,” she added.

The Wetland Centre also has plans for more activities for children in the future, as Newbury said: “We have events like LEGO and Downy Ducklings coming up later on in the year.”

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