North East MP demands reasons for rise in crime reports in South Tyneside

A Jarrow MP has called on the government for an assessment of the rising reports of crime in the region.

Reports of crime in the South Tyneside has significantly increased since the previous financial year. This led to Jarrow MP Stephen Hepburn questioning the Secretary of State for the Home Department:

“What assessment has the Department made of the reasons for the increase in the level of reported crime in South Tyneside between April 2017 and March 2018?”. He also asked if the minister would “make a statement” on the same.

Nick Hurd, the Minister State for the Home Department, produced figures reflecting on the increase in the crime rate in the region, whilst also siting the factors behind it:

“Total crime recorded in South Tyneside Community Service Partnership has increased by 21 percent in the year to March 2018 compared to year to March 2017.

“Nationally, total police recorded crime (including fraud) increased by 11 percent in the year ending March 2018 compared with the previous year. The Office for National Statistics (ONS) points to improvements to recording practices by forces, expanded offence coverage, an increased willingness of victims to come forward and report certain crimes like sexual offences and domestic abuse to the police and genuine increases in some crime categories, especially in those that are well recorded, as important factors in explaining trends in police reported crime.”

However, he added that overall crime measured by the independent Crime Survey for England and Wales “are down by 35 percent since 2010”.

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