North East MP Concerned with UK Prisons

A North East MP is concerned with prison violence in England and Wales.

Mary Glindon, a Labour MP for North Tyneside, has raised concerns about the recent increase in incidents in prisons across the UK.

On September 4 2018, Ms Glindon said: “This level of violence is a consequence of running prisons for profit where costs are cut to the bone to maximise returns for shareholders.”

Ms Glindon also said: “Birmingham is one of the four most violent prisons in England and Wales, and all those prisons are privately operated.”

Rory Stewart, the Minister of State for the Ministry of Justice, responded to the comments made by Ms Glindon. Whilst he did not agree that it was the privatisation of the prisons that was causing an issue, as he named Exeter prison – which is in the public sector – as one of the most violent. The minister then acknowledged a definite problem with UK prisons.

Mr Stewart said: “The driver of the issue is not public against private; it is drugs, violence, and ultimately, the management leadership culture and the support for the staff on the ground. These problems can happen whatever the model.”

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