Eight dog friendly cafes and pubs to visit in Tyne and Wear

As the summer months are getting closer and the warmer weather begins to show, it’s the time of year when people want to do more with their pets as warm summer nights are perfect for dog walkers to get out in the fresh air and relax in cafés or pubs.

However, this can be quite difficult as many pubs and cafes are not pet-friendly, this can make it difficult for dog owners in the summer. Therefore, SR News has come up with eight of the best cafes and pubs in Tyne and Wear which are canine-friendly. Most of these cafes and pubs are open every day till late hours, making more time for you and your pooch to bond and enjoy the warm weather.

As dogs are a part of the family, the places which we have listed below on the Google Map all agree that there are not enough eateries within the North East which welcome pets.

Manager James Milligan of East Bolden pub ‘The Grey Horse’ said:

“For some people their dogs are all they have, and they shouldn’t be excluded from being welcome in the pub.”

Dog-friendly cafes and pubs not only give comfort to pet owners themselves, but to individuals who do not have any pets or who can not look after them anymore.

Gill Gibson, manager of Sunderland’s ‘Doggy Diner’ said:

“People also come in to the café without dogs, there are elderly people who can’t have a dog now but adore them.”

Our map will give you unique places to visit, which are interesting and where your pet will love too!




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