2018 North East elections

Today (3 May) voters will head to the polls for council and mayoral elections.

Elections are being held in 150 local authorities across the UK and polls have been open since 7 am.

During the week, both the Labour and Conservatives party have been competing to gain votes for local constituencies.

One of the cities involved in the North East is Sunderland, which is split into 25 electoral wards for council elections, and three parliamentary constituencies for parliamentary elections.

Today, Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn, released a video on twitter urging voters to vote Labour, outlining issues they stand for.

In the video, he says; “Today is your chance to send an unmistakable message to this Tory government.”

In return Conservatives leader Theresa May, lead the conservative election video and said the importance of the election and included a promise of ‘low income’ tax and better bin services.

If voters have not voted by postal, they are still advised and encouraged to vote by the person in polling stations which close at 10 pm.

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