Durham schools on lockdown after receiving threatening e-mails

Schools across the North East region received threatening e-mails on the morning of March 28.

The malicious e-mails that were sent to schools all over the country, warn schools that students will be the target of attacks later today.

Durham Constabulary, however, confirm that the email threats are not considered to be credible.
In an issued statement, they say that Durham Constabulary have received a number of calls from schools reporting that they had been sent threatening emails and that police forces from across the country are also believed to have reported similar incidents.
Chief Inspector Catherine Clarke, from Durham Constabulary, said: “We can confirm that at this time we believe none of the threats received by schools to date are considered to be credible.
“In the absence of any further threats being received, schools do not need to take any further action.
“If any further threats are received they should be reported immediately to police.
“We are in contact with the schools in our area to give guidance and reassurance.”
Durham Constabulary are requesting that parents do not ring the police as they are in contact with the schools to offer advice and reassurance.
Anyone with any information that could assist police should contact Durham Constabulary on 101, or Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.



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