International Day Of Happiness Full Of Smiles


Ali - Ali is a photographer so he’s finding immense happiness with his new 1600mm lens and Canon 1D X Mk. II right now. Photo By : Jenny Goodfellow
Alison and Tracey from the Starbucks at Murray Library like to spend time with their grandkids, the sunshine, and making sure that stressed out students are greeted with a smile. Photo By : Jenny Goodfellow
Damian - He likes cars, animals, and his girlfriend. Not necessarily in that order! Photo By : Jenny Goodfellow
Himanshu - He likes the location of the university and how easy it is to go and relax around nature and in the fresh air. He also likes chatting with his friends. Photo By : Jenny Goodfellow
Jacob - When initially asked what makes him happy, he decided to answer very literally with vitamin D, serotonin and dopamine. Apart from that he finds happiness from jokes, comedians and Ironic memes, or “mehmehs”. While Emily enjoys blue drinks in the sunshine, music, and being with her friends. Photo By : Jenny Goodfellow
Kieran likes his family, friends, football and spicy memes. Photo By : Jenny Goodfellow
Nanda and Manasa - They both like snow and the beach, and Manasa likes the friendly dogs that she meets at the beach and out and about. Photo By : Jenny Goodfellow
Rhona gets her smile from the sunshine, kittens (especially her new grey and white kitten), and her wife. Photo By : Jenny Goodfellow

Photography by Jenny Goodfellow

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