Geordie Shore Star Marnie Simpson In Show Exit Scandal

Is this really the reason?

Marnie Simpson, a Geordie shore star, has recently declared she is leaving the show that made her a star. She recently posted on twitter saying: “For everyone who is asking I have in fact permanently left Geordie Shore, it was just time to move on, it just wasn’t the same without everyone who had left and I made the decision to leave, it was a wild  5 years and I’m really thankful that I got to do it!( 14 march ) However, sources have been claiming that Marnie is leaving because of a scandal with co-star Aaron Chalmers. The scandal came out only a day after Marnie posted her news on twitter her news. This has not yet been confirmed, but a photo of Marnie and Aaron leaving a room has surfaced ( 15 march). The Show’s audience suspects that the pair did hook up and then later acted like nothing happened. Marnie may have in fact left the show because tensions were riding high with boyfriend Casey Johnson. But this has not been confirmed yet either.


Who is Casey Johnson?                                                                                                                 

Casey Johnson has recently entered the limelight due to this recent scandal with girlfriend Marnie    Simpson. Casey johnson was X- Factor contestant who failed to go through as a solo artist but was added into the group “Stereo Kicks” which unfortunately only lasted a few months. On the show Marnie received a best friend bracelet from Aaron which caused Casey to get his suspicions, leaving the couple still supposedly strong. However on the 15th of March 2017 marnie took to instagram to post a photo of her and Boyfriend Casey Johnson looking happy together as they posed for the photo  with the caption: “It’s always fun in Marnie and Casey’s world”

What does this mean for the show?

The show has not yet said anything about the departure of Marnie, and no one knows if the show will be the same without her. The show is supposedly adding two new members to Season 16. Sam Gowland and Steph Snowdon. The show’s audience has been giving mixed feedback on twitter about the new season. One viewer posted “Wonder if it’s something to do with whatever went on in the toilets with Aaron, she wasn’t being sick that’s for sure” Meaning the fans want answers to the Marnie situation.

One thing we all know is that fans of Geordie Shore were gutted by the news. One said “Sad to see you go Geordie Shore will never be the same” and another said “what a shame, she was one of the best”  

Check out her instagram here.  

Written by Amber-May Edwards and Sophie Rose as part of BBC school report


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