Maryanne’s #GreatNorthStory: “I’m running the Great North Run because everything I do is to make my family proud”

Together: Maryanne Louise and her adoptive mum Dawn/photo by Maryanne Louise.

In less than 24 hours thousands of people will arrive in Newcastle to run the Great North Run’s 13.1 mile course. Maryanne Louise is one of those individuals who will be pounding the pavements of the city and South Shields.

The 23-year-old from South Shields is taking part in the event to raise money for the National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children (NSPCC) but is also tackling the challenge to make her family proud.

Maryanne, who was born in Hertfordshire, was adopted as a child and vowed to enlist in the Great North Run this year due to the bond she has with her adoptive mum.

She said: “‘She adopted me – her and her birth daughter brought me up. They made me feel special in every way.

“‘I’ve always wanted to be in their [the runners] shoes and now I have the opportunity. Every one of my colleagues will tell you how much bad food I consume and still manage the training so if I can do it, anyone can!”

Together: Maryanne Louise and her adoptive mum Dawn/photo by Maryanne Louise.

The Northumbria Police officer added: “Every year my mum has always watched it with me at the bottom of our street. Every year she says ‘I’ll do it next year’ and because of various reasons she hasn’t managed to do it so I’ve took it upon myself to enrol this year.

“[To] be able to run across the finish line and my mum being proud that I’m the only family member to do it – I’d be over the moon with that. Everything I do is to make my family proud – I constantly try to thrive in things to better myself.”

Maryanne has been training for the gruelling course and has said she “can’t wait” for the run.

“I’ve done quite a bit of training. I did have a 3 month gap due to an operation which prevented me from doing sports.

“I can’t wait to be encouraged by the crowds and the atmosphere. My boyfriend is also doing the run so he’ll be waiting for me at the end as well as his family. Unfortunately my family are away but I will FaceTiime them when I cross the finish!”

To donate to Maryanne’s cause head to the NSPCC website.

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