‘Mixture of Science & Fun’ – National Science Week at Sunderland Museum

The Sunderland Museum and Winter Gardens held an event for National Science Week on March 18 in collaboration with Big Bang Science Parties.

The event, organised by the museum and Big Bang Science Parties owner Neil Harrison, attracted hundreds of kids and their parents from Sunderland.

Jenny Lambert, learning officer at the Sunderland Museum said: “I knew that our audience of families and children, would love to come and take part in some experiments and some demonstrations and some making activities.

“We are really proud of our science tradition here in the museum. We’ve got a lot of inventions, science collections and natural science things like the plants and animals. So National Science Week is a big deal for us.”

Kids got to watch experiments done by Mr Harrison and got to do their own experiments.

Mr Harrison said: “I love doing that. It’s great and I think one of the best things about doing different events like this is you get kids who love science who don’t necessarily get to do a lot of science when they’re actually at school.”

There were demonstrations of doing smoke shapes with vortex, light bottles, and popping bottle caps with the effect of carbon dioxide.

National Science Week is an event celebrated across the UK  every year, with organisations from across the nation celebrating science and to encourage people to know more and engage in learning science.


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