WATCH: Brexit bill – People in Sunderland against Theresa May’s plans to ignore House of Lords

People around Sunderland have spoken of how they do not support Theresa May’s plan to trigger the “unamended” Article 50 by the end of March.

The House of Lords overwhelmingly voted in favour of the bill’s amendment which would offer EU nationals living in Britain protection from deportation.

Reporters from SRNews spent the day speaking to people in Sunderland and were unable find any supporters of her plan.

Some members of the House of Lords believe an amended bill could still be passed in time for the original deadline.

Lord Newby, a Member of the House of Lords, told the House: “The longest ping pong we have ever had in my 20 years in the House of Lords took 36 hours.

“So, the idea that when we send this back to the commons on the March 7, that this somehow jeopardise a 31 of march deadline is complete baloney.”

By Amina Ibrahim and Theofanis Pegkas

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