Twitter reacts to Nissan Sunderland plant investment

Following the news that Nissan has agreed to produce the new Qashqai and x-Trail models in their Sunderland plant, Twitter has reacted in many different ways.

Sharon Hodgson MP for Washington and Sunderland West where the plant resides called the news “Excellent” with 7,000 local jobs being secured.

However some people took issue that uncertainty over the contract even happened due to the UK’s exit from the EU, saying that Brexit backing Sunderland voters should have seen this coming despite the favourable outcome for the region.

With one Twitter user even questioning whether they should have gotten the deal due to their vote in the EU referendum.

Despite the EU referendum however, one Twitter user said that even though the result was unfavourable, people have to work with what they have.

Some people have also suggested that the government had to supply financial support in order to secure Nissan’s trade in the North East, questioning whether the NHS needs financial help more.

And some people are simply relieved that the whole will they won’t they situation is is finally over.

However despite the security for a large amount of local workers, some suggest that the whole situation is simply “lame” and that the story is not really newsworthy.

However it is always good to make light of things.

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