Police warn public to be vigilant over cash machines in Gateshead

Northumbria PolicePolice are warning the public to be vigilant when using cash machines in the Gateshead area.

It comes after police found a skimming device attached to a cash machine on Coldwell Street, in Felling, on Friday July 15.

A false card reader was found by officers secured over the original reader slot meaning that unsuspecting members of the public would put their card into the machine and type in the PIN number as normal.

However when they came to collect their card and cash the card would appear trapped inside the machine and the screen would then show ‘out of order’.

There was also a recording device attached with magnets to the upper fascia of the machine, directly above the keypad, which records the PIN code being typed in.

When the victim leaves the area, the offender then returns and collects the card and PIN number, replaces the devices and waits again for the next person to use the machine.

Similar devices to the one in Felling were found at another ATM on Fairfield Terrace, Pelaw.

Gateshead Neighbourhood Inspector Michael Robson said, “If you see anything wrong with machines in this area or think you may noticed something wrong in the past then please do get in touch.

“We need everyone to be aware of these type of devices and to take a few simple steps to help protect their cash.

“If you are using a cash machine in these areas just take a few more minutes to protect your PIN and take care when putting your card in and out of the machine.

“Before using a cashpoint take a look at the machine for anything that doesn’t look right or anything that looks like it shouldn’t be there.

“If in any doubt then don’t use the machine and report it to bank staff and police.

“Anyone who thinks a machine has been tampered with in any way should alert the bank or store as soon as possible.

“They should also report to police if they see anyone acting suspiciously around cash machines.”

Anyone with information about the two devices in Felling and Pelaw is asked to contact Police in Gateshead on the 101 non-emergency number or call Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.

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