Review leads possibility for self-employment reforms

Businesswoman, Julie Deane, has released a Government sanctioned review, detailing changes that could be made towards the self-employed.

Released in February this year, the review highlights problems with self-employment and offers solutions, for example; increasing maternity allowance paid to self-employed workers for the first six weeks so it would be equal with rates given to employees.

Adam Kelly is a heating engineer from Wheatley Hill, County Durham, who has recently, went self-employed and agrees with the changes proposed. While he has only been self-employed for four months, he still offers some other changes that the Government could enact.

The 27-year-old said: “Maybe make it easier to find things like grants that’s available to help with things like funding, to help with start-up.”

Adam Kelly said: “She knows the difficulties that people who are becoming self-employed, or who are self-employed, have to go through so it would be nice to have someone like that fighting our corner.”

The review also revealed that 15% of the British workforce are now self-employed, which is an all time high. However, only 11% of those self-employed are from the North East, which is the lowest region for self-employment in the UK.

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