Businesses affected by roadworks.


Is the atmospheric city of Durham loosing its spark due to roadworks around the area?

As business owners around the city see a decline in footfall I thought it was a great opportunity to speak to someone who has seen this decline first hand. This is why I got in contact with Samantha Coleman the proud owner of her newly opened café called Café Sisters that is situated in the heart of Silver Street.

The café has been open since July last year this was the point that Samantha and her 3 sisters took on this adventure of opening their business leaving their careers to accomplish their “life long dream”. Samantha and her business partners have certainly seen a difference with the amount of trade that is happening around Durham in the past 6 weeks due to the roadworks that are taking place making it difficult to access the city centre. It’s for sure that people are avoiding the roadwork and the adverse effect of traffic.

Samantha explains that accessing the city is rather difficult as the roadworks are taking place on two of the major roundabouts leading into the city as she said: “This has caused difficulties not only for people coming into the city centre but for staff working in the city centre we found it difficult for timing on a morning sitting in traffic.”

A place renowned for its vibrant atmosphere and its tourism is currently facing a difficult time.

“We do believe as a business that the traffic and the works on the roundabout has had a detrimental affect on the footfall in Durham.”

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