SunnyCon 5 to return to the North East

Photo: PR shot.
Photo by: ChunkyPenguin Photography.

The North East is once again going all-Japanese this year with the return of SunnyCon in June.

After hosting last year’s SunnyCon at the Seaburn Centre in Sunderland, this year it is to be held at St James’ Park in Newcastle.

Former chairman and ambassador Michael Tuckwell said: “We had come to a point where we have outgrown every venue in the city and we couldn’t stay we’d exhausted every option.”

When asked whether or not SunnyCon would return to Sunderland Mr Tuckwell said: “I would say yes, but it’s hard to see a future where Sunderland will have a convention centre or any kind of arena type building which is able to hold the kind of audience we can bring in.”

This year’s SunnyCon is to be host to a much bigger variety of guests than previous ones.

Mr Tuckwell added: “We have a bigger variety of guests for SunnyCon 5.

“First off we have Johnny Yong Bosch known as Adam the black ranger from Power Rangers, but he also has a more impressive resume with regards to voice acting in hit anime shows.

“Along with Johnny, for the first time in the UK. we are bringing over a Japanese voice actress, Fumiko Orikasa. Fumiko has years of experience on some of the most popular shows of the last decade and also had a career as a Japanese idol as she also has 6 albums.

“Also for the first time we are gathering all of team Four Star YouTube parody maestros. Famous for their abridged series and over hundreds and thousands of subscribers, SunnyCon 5 will be the first time they will be over here in the UK.”

Photo by: ChunkyPenguin Photography.

With such a guest list, it would be hard for some not to be excited for it.

Three-time student veteran Will McPherson, 22, said: “SunnyCon is an enjoyable experience, where you can see so many cosplay talent and others.

“I’d like to go because it’s great to meet up with close friends who I don’t see as often, and to see new stalls to buy awesome stuff.”

SunnyCon 5 will be held from June 17  to 19.

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