Tyne Bridge protester who spent 12 days on the bridge faces trial

Photo by: Kris Tatum/Tyne Bridge.
Photo by: Kris Tatum/Tyne Bridge.

An activist who scaled the Tyne Bridge, spending 12 days on top of it in what he described as a five star stay, has appeared in court.

Simon Anderton, from Real Fathers for Justice, is accused of causing a public nuisance after the protest on Father’s Day last June.

The 56-year-old grandfather, from Heaton in Newcastle, also took the time to leave a TripAdvisor review of the bridge, describing it as “the penthouse suite”.

The online review he left said there were “spectacular views over a beautiful city”, but complains that “there were no stairs to reach my room”.

Newcastle Crown Court heard that he would go on trial in November and he was granted unconditional bail by Judge Edward Bindloss.


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