Nine Guinness World Records set in North East England

The North East of England is home to not just one, or two, but ten Guinness world records that have been set over the last 15 years.

Ranging from the youngest ever open-heart surgery patient and the largest ever game of treasure hunt, to the most sweetcorn kernels to be eaten in three minutes.

After scouring the North East to find out the weird and wonderful record breakers, we’ve complied a top ten list of the Guinness world records that have been broken right here.

Incase your already thinking about trying to break the record for eating the most sweetcorn kernels, you may want to think again after reading on.

1. Largest treasure hunt game

Quayside (Credit: Kris Tatum)

The biggest ever game of treasure hunt in the world has happened here in the North East. The record was broken on July 9, 2014 and took place across the Newcastle and Gateshead Quayside.

Organiser of the largest treasure hunt, Steve Humble said: “We had 1001 children from primary schools around the North East in years four to year seven who took part.

“It was a mile loop, with questions linked to the history of the area. The children had to crack the code and find answers using the different clues on the walk.”

Asked if he would aim to go one further and break the record again, Steve added: “We smashed the existing record of 460 set in London two years ago. Everyone had a great day and it would be great to do it again if I can source the funding.”


2. Largest comeback in Premier League History

St James' Park (Credit: Kris Tatum)

Newcastle United football team have also bagged themselves a record after having the largest comeback in Premier League history. The Magpies came back and salvaged a result during a match against Arsenal in a 4-4 draw at St James’ Park in Newcastle. The record that was set on February 5, 2011, happened after Newcastle scored four goals within the final 22 minutes of the match.


3. Youngest open-heart surgery patient

Freeman Hospital (Credit: Kris Tatum)

The Freeman Hospital in Newcastle won the record for the youngest open-heart surgery patient. The life-saving operation took place on February 24, 2014 after newborn Chanel Murrish had the operation when she was just one minute old.


4. Worlds largest half marathon

Tyne Bridge (Credit: Kris Tatum)

Tyneside is also home to the world’s largest half marathon. Taking place in autumn each year since 1981, the Great North Run kicks off in Newcastle upon Tyne and the marathon passes through Gateshead and South Tyneside before finishing at the South Shields coast. The world record was set on October 22, 2000 that had 36,822 runners who completed the run that year.


5. First turbine ship

Wallsend Shipyards (Credit: Kris Tatum)

Just north of the River Tyne in Wallsend, the earliest turbine ship made it into the record books after being built in 1894. Designed by Sir Charles Parsons, the ship was 30m long and had a displacement weight of 45.2 tons. The ship was powered by three steam turbines and could achieve speeds of 34.4 knots while it was in service. The ship is currently persevered in Newcastle upon Tyne.


6. Most sweetcorn kernels eaten in three minutes using a cocktail stick

Sweetcorn (Credit: Kris Tatum)

Lover of sweetcorn? Well, you might not be after this. Ian Richard Purvis from Sunderland broke the Guinness world record after he managed to stomach whopping 236 kernels of sweetcorn using a cocktail stick in just 3 minutes.


7. Largest dog walk

South Shields Leas (Credit: Kris Tatum)

South Shields isn’t just in the record books for the Great North Run, it’s also barking mad too. Taking place beside the marathons finishing line on the South Shields Leas, the great north dog walk has scored 16 world records to date. The most recent being on June 12, 2011 with over 182 breeds taking part along the 3.5 mile route.

Organiser of the Great North Dog Walk, Tony Carlisle said: “I’ve been running the Great North Dog Walk for 25 years now, and since then we’ve raised over £6.3m for various charities including dog beneficiaries and hospices. It’s been fantastic running it and it’s also raised the profile of South Shields, which has been great for the borough.”


8. Fastest dog tunnel

Leaves Park (Credit: Kris Tatum)

It’s not just South Shields that’s barking mad in the North East – Newcastle is too! Leazes Park in Newcastle is home to the record for the fastest time a dog can pass through a tunnel made of 50 people. It took just 2.1 seconds for Fizzy the dog to dash through and smash the record. The record was set on April 23, 2005 as part of the Animal Roadshow Live taking place at the park.

9. Longest platform-to-platform bicycle jump

Bike (Credit: Kris Tatum)

While the nation was gripped with Olympics fever back in 2012, Ian Drummond managed set the world record for the longest platform-to-platform bicycle jump. The record was broke in Newcastle upon Tyne after jumping 4.06m (or 13 feet and 3.84 inches) on August 19, 2012.


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