Newcastle beauty wins the crown at Miss Aveika 2016



Hannah Hailes, from Newcastle, has won the title of Miss Aveika in the final heat of Miss Newcastle competition this year.

On Friday, March 11 in Newcastle’s brand new luxury restaurant and late bar AVEIKA, took place a beauty competition. The task of this competition was to determine the winner, that will represent AVEIKA in the Miss Newcastle competition in June.

The event organiser, Rachelle Jacques, said: “We decided do Miss Aveika this year as brand new venue and we got a thought that is ideal place to do fashion show. It is located right in the middle of Newcastle, in the heart for the key side. It is brand new, stylish place to be and it was ideal place to host the fashion show.”

Hannah Hailes, after winning the title of Miss Aveika, said: “It is a first one and I am really excited. All of the girls were amazing, so everybody can won, so I am really happy.”

The AVEIKA company is cooperating with Tyne Tees Models, who organise the Miss Newcastle competition.

Rachelle recalls: “We as a company have being involved in the Miss Newcastle competition for many years and we have always supported the competition.”

Twelve girls from North East presented their charms. Girls were judged by a panel of industry professionals including previous Miss Newcastle winners, Sophie Gradon, Ellen Winter, Ashleigh Gittings and reigning champion Vicky Turner.

Hannah is through to Miss Newcastle after winning Miss Aveika 2016.

Ellen Winter, who was on the jury, won the title of Miss Newcastle in 2009 at the age of 17, said: “It was a huge surprise. I was not expected to win.”

One of participants, Kristen Challand, from Durham, said: “I felt a little bit nervous, but I just wanna have fun and enjoy the whole thing. It’s a fab experience.”

All of the girls presented themselves in three scenes. In the first contest, they demonstrated their personality trough the choice of showcasing designs from fashion label ‘Novo London’. Another instalment was presentation in beach wear from ‘Pink Cherry Couture’. The third, and the last part of the event was the display of themselves in the evening gowns.

The line-up of twelve finalists had competed for the title on the runway with entertainment and live music hosted by Capital Radio. The music played by musicians made the time more enjoyable.

Second place on stage belongs to Ellie Holehouse, who felt very well being on the catwalk. Third place was given to beautiful Claudia Proctor. All of the girls were wonderful, but the title could be given only for one of them.

Kristen, from Durham, was also in the competition.

Good luck for Hannah in the Final of Miss Newcastle competition, which will take place on Friday, June 3.



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