North East people eat four frozen meals per week

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A new poll has found that people in the North East eat four frozen meals per week.

The poll by Jinn, a UK 24 hour delivery service, has revealed that people in North East enjoy eating frozen meat pies.

Its aim was to investigate how much Britons rely on frozen meals as a result of their lifestyles.

Mario Navarro, founder of, said: “For those in full time employment or looking after a family, it’s all too easy to forget about nutrition when you’ve had a busy day and just want something quick and easy to eat.

“Cooking a meal from scratch is usually the last thing on our minds and popping a frozen meal in the microwave seems like the simplest alternative, but at what cost to our health?

“There are, of course, healthy frozen meal options, but our findings seem to show that the dishes high in fat, sodium and carbohydrates are still the most popular.”

Mr Navarro, continued: “Frozen pre-packaged meals can be great but they shouldn’t solely be depended on.

“There are other options if you are running around with no time to cook.

“You could try batch cooking such health dishes as chilli, stews and curries to freeze and save for busy periods.

“Alternatively, many food delivery services, which have traditionally been associated with foods lacking in nutrition, offer healthy options too.

“There should be no reason to have to rely on frozen foods for every meal now!”

The researchers polled a total of 3,149 UK-based adults, from the 12 different regions of the UK, who were age 21 and over for the study.

Initially, respondents were asked to factor out any frozen vegetables or frozen homemade meals, and estimate how often per week they eat frozen meals.

Seventy-two per cent of respondents said they ate frozen foods at least three times a week or more.

Seventeen per cent said they ate frozen foods around twice a week, with 7 per cent answering once a week.

The remaining respondents (4 per cent) said they never eat frozen food.

Researchers also looked at the top frozen food choices favoured by each area of the country.

The most popular frozen meals emerging from the North East was meat pies.

In comparison, the South East and London ate frozen meals around 5 times a week, with curry and rice and pizza being their favourite frozen food choices.

The study revealed that 79 per cent admitted that they only ever consume frozen meals on weekdays, and prefer to cook homemade meals from scratch during weekends.

More than half (52 per cent) also revealed that they would prefer to eat fresher meals, but their busy working lives prevent them from doing so, with frozen meals being a faster option.

The findings come prior to National Frozen Food Day which is due to take place on March 6.

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