New alternative night is launched in Newcastle

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A new rock night event called RISE was launched in Newcastle last Saturday (February 6), a week after the biggest alternative night, Alpha, was shut.

The new event offers a variety of rock genders in three different rooms – one of them designed as a smoking area.

Lauren Murray, 20, who is a frequent visitor of the rock nights in Sunderland and Newcastle, admits RISE has a potential replacing the old rock night.

She said: “I really enjoyed the event, I loved the layout and the variety of music. It was better than I expected.

“I thought it had competition to beat Alpha, but it was actually better.”

Another guest of RISE, and a known face at the rock events in Newcastle, Karl Cockburn seconds that.

For him, the main advance of the new rock night is the smaller club, as it creates a “better atmosphere”. The only complaint he had was a “missing toilet door”.

One of the DJs, Simon Spoors, noted that among the past visitors of the rock events were a lot of new people.

He added the launch party did not hold any custom events such as competitions or giveaways, but they will definitely take place in the future.

DJ Spoors is positive about people attending the event again. He said they received many reviews over social media and none of them were negative.

As a DJ, he named the technical covered “perfect” and said there was nothing he lacked, as he was supplied with all that was needed to run the night.

Upon being asked about the future plans and a possible expansion, Spoors said: “The aim of RISE is to always evolve and expand, and there is no saying where that might take us just yet.

“But I know that all our minds are open to the idea while keeping down to earth with the crowd, so only time will tell.

“As for goals, the most important thing is to deliver the best alternative night Newcastle has to offer.”

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