EXCLUSIVE: “Time to make Northern Powerhouse reality,” CEO of Sage speaks to SR News

Stephen Kelly is CEO of Sage, the largest technology company in the UK. In an exclusive interview with SR News reporter Dominic James he said “we’ve all got a big responsibility to make it [the Northern Powerhouse] a reality”.


Mr Kelly also went on to talk about how “the North East is a global village”.


The Sage CEO also has a huge passion for small and medium business, saying that they are the ” heroes” of the modern economy.


Sage UK play a very active role in helping businesses in and around the North East. The Sage Foundation has an initiative, called 2+2+2, which allows staff to go out and help in community projects.


In todays modern world, it can be hard to get a business up and of the ground. However, Mr Kelly said that “you’ve got to be passionate about what you are doing and do something you love”.


Mr Kelly had a role in government back in 2012. He said: “It was a very exciting time were they went under mammoth changes”.



Mr Kelly has vast experience in the technology business sector, as he has worked in the United States, North California. He talked about the “belief” of people in the States and noted that, compared to the US, people around here are “very humble”.


Mr Kelly was appointed CEO of Sage, the UK’s largest technology company, in November 2014. Sage is the global market leader of integrated accounting, payroll & payments systems to small and medium Businesses.

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