Top 8 David Bowie songs of all time – SR News tribute

The music world lost a musical, cultural and fashion icon with the passing of David Bowie.

His songs transpired across generations.

We have selected favourite David Bowie songs and looked at tributes from celebrities and journalists.

8. Magic Dance

David Bowie sings along with the inclusion of many creatures and a baby, in the film Labyrinth.

7. Starman

This song was one of the many milestones of his music career in our opinion.

6. Blackstar

This song is from his new and final album Blackstar that was released on Friday, January 8.

5. Jean Genie

This song featured on Life of Mars, series 1, episode 4. It could have been used to represent the infamous character of the series – Jean Hunt.

4. Heroes

The track was written in the 1970s and has become one of Bowie’s signature songs.

3. Ashes to Ashes

Who doesn’t remember Bowie in the clown costume? We certainly do!

2. Changes

This upbeat song got a lot of feet dancing and is another one of Bowie’s iconic songs.

1. Life on Mars

This is perhaps the most iconic David Bowie song. It was featured on the TV series, Life on Mars.

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