How lockdown has impacted the lives of office workers

THERE is no doubt that over the last year the pandemic has wreaked havoc on the lives of everyone, but office workers have been forced to work from home for the whole pandemic. How has this impacted them? 

OFFICE worker Julie, who is 54 and from Gateshead, has spoken of what it has been like for her working from home during the pandemic as opposed to working in her office environment over an hour away in Longbenton, Newcastle. 

She described that working from home was “much cheaper” than the “hour long commute”, as she was saving much more money on fuel, demonstrating that lockdown has helped in some ways with work-life balance in this respect as it has saved time and money as the commute up the A1 is no longer needed. 

Julie explained how she has missed face to face contact with colleagues and she missed the “banter style conversations.” The work-life balance for many has suffered in this way, as there is less interaction with friends and colleagues. 


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