Student nurse opens up about the struggles of training during the Covid pandemic

GRACIE Smyth, a nineteen-year-old student nurse from the University of Sunderland has spoken out about the impact of coronavirus on her placement.

Gracie is currently in her first year of disability nursing, training to work with CAHMS in the North East.

She opened up about both the positive and negative effects the pandemic has had on her studies, as well as the individuals she has and will work with.

“As much as there was that hindrance of Covid, I’m lucky to live in student accommodation as it meant I could come back and see people as opposed to going home and being isolated again,” she said when talking about her personal experience of the placement.

Whilst she found the training invaluable, her studies have been affected in the same way most people’s have.

The pandemic has brought unprecedented struggles for us all but we can see how life continues, even if it does look different to how it once was.

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