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Strange Days Indeed

#The CoronaDiaries   “Always something happening and nothing going on… Nobody told me there’d be days like these Strange days indeed — strange days indeed” Nobody Told Me, John Lennon.   SINCE we went into lockdown to escape one virus, we’ve been infected with another. My phone is constantly pinging […]

Northumbria University. Credit: PA Images

University students in Newcastle struggle with learning as classes are cancelled because of COVID-19

Universities in Newcastle closed their lecture halls and cancelled face to face learning on the 16 March following advice from Public Health England and the Government. However, shutting universities could create more problems as it makes it more difficult for students to learn. Ryan Baxter, a student from Northumbria University […]

Greeting cards are seen in a a display in a store in New York on Thursday, April 17, 2014. With the exception of cards costing over $10 and low-end cards at $1 or less sales of greeting cards are dropping and retailers such as CVS and Walmart are cutting back on the amount of linear footage devoted to the product. (Photo by Richard B. Levine)

Chocolate and a magazine

#The CoronaDiaries SAT in the barber shop the morning before Boris Johnson announced the country would be put into lockdown measures, myself and my barber discussed how no one really knows the true extent of how life will change until you need to face it in the coming weeks and […]

Northumbria Police hail success of Operation Sentinel after year of drug raids and gang convictions in the North East

A police operation targeting organized crime celebrates its first birthday today, after a blockbuster initial year that saw millions of pounds of drugs seized and a plethora of criminals convicted. Operation Sentinel, a joint venture between Northumbria Police, Durham Constabulary and North East Regional Special Operations Unit (NERSOU), aims to […]

Gateshead College host 2020 Gamerama Cinco event at Baltic Campus for school kids interested in creative industries

Gateshead College host 2020 Gamerama Cinco event at Baltic Campus for school kids interested in creative industries

  The 2020 Gamerama Cinco event took place at Gateshead College’s Baltic campus, with school children and gaming fanatics alike taking part. The occasion intends to provide children and gamers with a space to explore video games, creative and filmmaking industries in a fun and inclusive environment. The event is […]