Photo by David Whinham.

North East for Europe campaign group highlight regional landmarks that would not have existed without EU funding

The North East for Europe campaign group is highlighting regional landmarks that would not exist without EU funding. Many of the North East’s iconic buildings and projects have been created and regenerated with money from the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) which comes from the EU, including: The Core Science Central in […]

Kaitlyn Sedon, 13, with her hearing dog Rowan/permission to use photo from Hearing Dogs for Deaf People.

EXCLUSIVE: Northumberland girl praises hearing dog Rowan as “bestest friend in the whole wide universe” ahead of Gateshead event

A young girl from a Northumberland village has praised her hearing dog ahead of an event in Gateshead this weekend. Kaitlyn Soden, from Ellington, has auditory neuropathy, meaning her inner ear receives sounds normally, but she has difficulty processing sounds. The 12-year-old now has hearing dog, Rowan. “She is my […]