#The CoronaDiaries

The small gifts of nature: spring flowers which seem like a spring gift from a grateful planet.
Photos by Barbara Anderson.

Time for big blue-sky thinking?

#The CoronaDiaries   THE muted whooshing of wind-blown trees and the cheerfully chaotic chorusing of hedge-sparrows… in the absence of most human noise, these have become the new quiet song of the outdoors. I’m struck, as I venture outside for my allotted ‘exercise hour’, by how this Covid-19 crisis has […]

Queuing & Quarantine

Queuing & Quarantine

#The CoronaDiaries   RIGHT, okay, I’m being real here. This is going to be raw. I’m going to voice a truth that everyone is feeling right now: QUARANTINE SUCKS! Yeah, I totally get it. I understand why covidiots in the South are sunbathing in Shepherds Bush and that people are […]