Author: Paul Taylor

Strange Days Indeed

#The CoronaDiaries   “Always something happening and nothing going on… Nobody told me there’d be days like these Strange days indeed — strange days indeed” Nobody Told Me, John Lennon.   SINCE we went into lockdown to escape one virus, we’ve been infected with another. My phone is constantly pinging […]

Which way will my mood take me in this weird silence of the Covid-19 lockdown?

Oh, this schizophrenic silence…

#The CoronaDiaries   I WAKE to near-silence. The usual background whoosh and hum of traffic is gone. The tweeting and chirruping of birds is the loudest sound in my world right now. The sound of nature reasserting itself, if only for this brief time before the Government lets us all […]

Will we emerge from the coronavirus shutdown to find a kinder world?

Will absence make hearts grow fonder?

#The CoronaDiaries   THANKS to the coronavirus, I’m probably getting fitter. I’m doing more exercise than ever before. Not being able to go to work each morning has introduced a new ritual for me and my wife. We go for a walk. A simple pleasure which normal life allows little […]

The small gifts of nature: spring flowers which seem like a spring gift from a grateful planet.
Photos by Barbara Anderson.

Time for big blue-sky thinking?

#The CoronaDiaries   THE muted whooshing of wind-blown trees and the cheerfully chaotic chorusing of hedge-sparrows… in the absence of most human noise, these have become the new quiet song of the outdoors. I’m struck, as I venture outside for my allotted ‘exercise hour’, by how this Covid-19 crisis has […]

Nick C-leggs it!

Nick C-leggs it!

    THE shock result of the night so far has seen former Lib-Dem leader Nick Clegg lose his Yorkshire seat to Labour. The man who led his party into government power for the first time, in coalition with the Conservatives under David Cameron after the 2010 election, was defeated by […]

Labour holds onto Hartlepool

LABOUR has held onto Hartlepool – a seat which many speculated could be lost to the party which has held it since 1964. Voting was as follows: Mike Hill (Lab) – 21,969 Carl Jackson (Cons) – 14,319 Phil Broughton (Ukip)- 4,801 Andy Hagan (Lib Dem) – 746   That gives Mike Hill […]

Pound falls as markets fear Corbyn power

Pound falls as markets fear Corbyn power

THE pound plunged following the shock BBC/ ITV / Sky exit poll an hour ago, which indicated the Conservatives have fallen short of an overall majority, resulting in a prospective hung parliament. Within minutes, Sterling fell over 1.5% to 1.27 US dollars, after the poll which predicted the Conservatives would be the largest party […]

Julie makes it three for Jeremy

Julie makes it three for Jeremy

WITHIN the last two minutes Sunderland Central count officials have declared victory for Labour – making it three in a row for the party. Sitting MP Julie Elliott took 56 per cent of the vote to hold the seat – not a surprise result in itself, but another note adding […]