WATCH: Newcastle welcomes new Northumbria Police dog recruits

New recruits: Northumbria Police brought seven of their new dog section recruits to the Monument in Newcastle city centre on 04.09.2017/photo by Sophie Dishman.

People in Newcastle welcomed some of Northumbria Police’s new dog section recruits today (September 4, 2017).

Officers from the force brought the puppies to the Monument in city centre for a meet and greet session with the public.

The event was their first part of training, helping the young dogs familiarise with large crowds and a busy city centre.

Over the next few months their paws will be put through their paces in a series of drills that will prime them for a career of tackling criminals and reducing crime across the North East.

Sgt Julie Neve, said: “We are delighted to introduce a new litter of puppies to the force and they now have a long journey ahead to become fully qualified dogs.

“The hard work starts with these types of meet-and-greets as it is really important for the puppies to get used to big crowds at an early age.

“We thought the best way to do that was for them to meet the Geordie people and get a sample of what a busy day in Newcastle city centre looks like

“Last year we did a similar thing with our last puppy litter and they have gone from strength to strength with many of them now fully licensed police dogs.

“Hopefully this litter see the same success.”

Ten pooches joined the ranks, in hope of becoming the next crime-busting pup, including seven German shepherds, a cocker spaniel, a labrador and a spaniel labrador cross.

It is hoped the litter go on to serve the police in a number of search roles.

Police dog Roxy was unable to make it to the meet and greet.

The German Shepherd pup said: “The minute they showed me that tennis ball I knew Northumbria Police was the right force for me.

“I’ve always wanted to grow up to be a police dog and to make sure I can keep all the humans nice and safe so it really is a dream come true to make this move.”

Meet the new recruits in the gallery below:

Four-month-old labrador Becks who was rescued from the RSPCA/photo by Sophie Dishman.
Cocker spaniel Dude who was rescued from the Dogs Trust/photo by Sophie Dishman.
Chocolate labrador Bracken was rescued from the Dogs Trust in Darlington/photo by Sophie Dishman.
German Shepherd Storm playing with dog handler Sgt Julie Neve/photo by Sophie Dishman.
German Shepherd Tarla is hoping to be a general purpose dog/photo by Sophie Dishman.
Targa is also a German Shepherd/photo by Sophie Dishman.
German Shepherd Travis is also a new recruit to the Northumbria Police dogs section/photo by Northumbria Police.
Stella was on duty today so she wasn't able to join the litter/photo by Northumbria Police.
Police dog Roxy was unable to make it to the meet and greet/photo by Northumbria Police.

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