SR News FOI uncovers 17 police calls reporting paranormal activities in North East

12036321_411043199081442_369604812_n (1) Picture: Top 3 phone calls police have received from people reporting paranormal activities.

Northumbria Police have received 17 calls from the public, reporting stories from UFO sightings to ghosts ‘manipulating’ people. 

The recent information has been released to SR News following a Freedom of Information (FOI) request.

It has been reported that the calls range from seeing a ghost to being attacked by a ghost, with one caller reporting to police that their mother’s ghost was inside them.

Picture: PA Images.
Picture: PA Images.

Others calls included:


Caller reported her mother’s ghost being inside her
Caller reported being manipulated by their mother’s ghost
Caller reported that aliens are trying to get him
Caller reportedseeing a ghost
Caller reported a friend seeing UFOs in the sky
Caller reported ghosts in the property
Caller reported that aliens are trying to get him
Caller reports ghosts in a house
Caller reported ghosts walking through their door
Caller reported being repeatedly attacked by a ghost


Caller reported ghosts in their property
2015 Caller reported numerous alien spaceships
2015 Caller reports ghosts in a house
2015 Caller reported an assault by a ghost
2015 Caller reported they are surrounded by ghosts
2015 Caller reported an alien spacesh

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