Wear-Tyne derby to bring millions of pounds to Sunderland businesses

Mayor Barry Curran discussed the economic impact the day has on Sunderland.

The biggest sporting event in the North East is just a day away and Sunderland bars are as ready as they can be for the busiest day of the year which will bring millions to city businesses.

Sunderland take on rivals Newcastle in the annual Premier League Derby which will be played at home on Sunderland turf tomorrow.

City businesses have every member of staff on shift to prepare for the crowds of Sunderland and Newcastle supporters who are set to hit the town for the 12pm kick off.

Kelly Kennedy, 35, Manager of the Lambton Worm in Sunderland, said: “We took record sales in 14 years last derby day, which is pretty much double our take on a normal match day, or even three times as much.

“We went through around 10,000 plastics cups, around 5,000 of which were pints.

“We have 34 members of staff due to be on – for a normal match day we would have 15 or 16 on –  so it’s going to be a busy day!”

Lambton Worm, along with many other city’s bars, will have additional security in place for he crowds.

Ms Kennedy added: “We reached capacity last year which was around 700 people.

“Friday, Saturday and Sunday the Travelodge is fully booked, so from breakfast onwards we are packed.”

Pictures: Eleanor Young/Sunderland pubs on Friday night ahead of Wear-Tyne derby on Sunday, October 25.

Jordan Depster, 25, Assistant Manager at the Corner Flag, said: “We will have fifteen members of staff on between the two rooms.

“Last Derby day we reached our 550 capacity for most of the day.”

Kieron Fairweather, 22, a Supervisor at Establishment, said: “We start at 8am. Breaks aren’t usually given, people are normally scratching at the door till about 10 at night but this falls on half term, so there will be teachers out as well.

“We have stocked out the cellar and there are probably about 40 kegs out there and I would be surprised if we didn’t get through them all.

“Saturday night is going to be pretty intense; we have ten or eleven people on the bar again.”

During derby weekend, bars usually see a sudden rise in their usual income. Cellars are filled with kegs and staff is run ragged from opening till closing.

Derby day is a time of the year where many businesses make the most of their annual earnings.

Sunderland sees some crazy things all year round but on derby day some bars have experienced quite funny moments of fans’ joy or disappointment.

Mr Depster recalled last derby day: “Last year I got an entire pint to the face when Sunderland scored. There was beer everywhere.”

Ms Kennedy laughed as she recalled two derbies ago: “When Sunderland scored, they all through their drinks up and there is a video of me on Sky News Online moping beer off the ceiling, it was quite funny.”

Bars around Sunderland will be airing the game which kicks off at 12pm at the Stadium of Light.

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