Pregnant woman forced to walk to hospital after Sunderland traffic delays

Picture: Kelly Hobson, 37 weeks pregnant.
Picture: Kelly Hobson, 37 weeks pregnant.

A pregnant Sunderland woman was forced to abandon her car to make it to her hospital appointment following heavy Sunderland traffic yesterday morning.

Kelly Hobson, 30, three weeks away from her due date, found herself “with no other option” but to park her car outside Southwick Police Station after sitting in traffic for 45 minutes and walk to get on time for her appointment at Sunderland General Hospital.

Ms Hobson said: “I left my house just off Newcastle Road at 8am to get to the hospital for my 8.50am appointment when I found myself still sitting at a standstill at Southwick Police station at 8.45am.

“My only other option that would get me there quicker was to walk.

“The whole thing was just a joke. There was no warning as to how much traffic and bother this would cause. I had zero energy to start with, being 37 weeks pregnant and having fasted from the night before for a diabetes test today.

“Walking over to the hospital alone was not ideal.”

Many others like Ms Hobson arrived as late as two hours to their jobs and appointments this morning due traffic being stopped at both the Queen Alexandra and Wear Bridge in order for the Sunderland City Council to hand out traffic census forms to drivers.

The Council has apologised for the delays caused after complaints from angry commuters have been flowing into social media all morning.

However, for many the journey home was expected to be just as hectic with the census continuing until 7pm tonight.

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