Mother of abandoned newborn baby Jack is found safe and fit in Peterlee

Picture: Janice Clish, 56, from Horden, County Durham, who alerted authorities after discovering an abandoned baby on her doorstep with help from her partner’s pet terrier dog Zak (pictured here). Picture credit: North News & Pictures.

The mother of abandoned baby boy Jack, who was found by a pet dog on a doorstep in Horden, has been found fit and well in Peterlee.

She is currently being looked after by police officers.

The baby boy abandoned on a woman’s doorstep was discovered by a pet dog in the early of this morning in Horden, County Durham.

The newborn was wrapped in two dressing gowns and gently crying when terrier Zak came across him after being let out of his house.

Russel Dobson, 60, a factory worker, who lives on Emerson Court in Horden, County Durham, went out to look for Zak, because he was taking longer than usual to return, and was amazed when he found him next to the baby.

He said: “It was Zak who found the baby. I am quite proud of Zak, he is my little hero.

“It was horrible to find the baby abandoned. Janice was holding him while I was looking out for the police. He was OK because he was wrapped in a blanket. But his little hands were cold because they were out of the blanket.

“I was shocked, you hear about these things on the television but you don’t expect it yourself.

“I have been thinking about it all day and talking to different people about it. I am pleased that the mother has handed herself in to the police. I don’t know why she would have done something like that.

“You don’t know what state of mind she was in or why it happened. You don’t expect it on your door step.

“I am just glad the baby is OK.”

The child had been abandoned just outside the house of his partner Janice Clish (pictured with Zak), 56, who lives opposite him, and so he banged on her door to wake her up.

Ms Clish said:”Janice added: “The baby had nothing on it, no happy or anything. He also had blood on his head, so I knew that he was a newborn.

“It was about 4.40am and I awoke to banging on my door. I came down the stairs and opened the door and there was this baby on the ground, right in front of my house.

“I had been fast asleep, and I thought I was still dreaming. It was bizarre.

“It was obviously a newborn. I was astonished. I scooped him up and he was crying, gently. I felt so sorry for him, to just see him lying there like that.

“If it hadn’t been for Zak, I dread to think what might have happened. Zak obviously knew he had found something important, he is a lovely little dog.”

Cradling the baby, Ms Clish took him across to factory worker Mr Dobson’s house where they called the police and then handed the newborn to an officer.

She said: “When I saw the poor baby on the ground I just wanted to keep him. I know I shouldn’t say that, but I did.

“I knew the right thing to do, however, would be to call the police, and so we did. But it broke my heart to hand him over.

“He looked so vulnerable, and it is just so sad what has happened.”

Words: Victoria Williams, North News and Pictures.

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